Because I grew up in the 1980’s and I can remember having heaps of electronic toys and being influenced by many styles of that time.

When I grew up it was all about remote controlled robots, original Transformers – ’84 version, (which I own on DVD now) and not to mention my first computer an Amstrad CPC 6128. A floppy drive and 64k of ram & a 4MHz chip!! YEAH!! All this has helped to influence an interest in technology and design. I think the toys and computers of that generation forced people to tinker with the hardware and software that they were using – not like todays technology that you just plug in and it works back then you had to manually tune things in or hand code your own game.

Not to mention that there was no internet, so if you wanted a cheat code you had to buy the latest gamming mag and the newsagent or get it from a friend.

20 FOR g= 1 TO 11
30 PRINT a$(g)

I have grown up to see the change from magnetic to optical in mainstream technology. My first songs were all on cassette and pirating music meant dubbing a cassette not logging into P2P networks. Not to mention the change over from dialup to broadband – I can still remember where i was when I first heard a modem connecting over the telephone lines. !

8bit computing had such and influence on so many of my generation and mainly through early gamming consoles – Sega Master System, Atari, Commodore 64 even intellivision. I can remember spending DAYSSSSS in front of the Sega Master System.

Graffiti has always influenced me since the first time I saw works from trains on the way to the school… All the back industrial lots were covered in styles from generic tagging to intricately designed works. Back and forwards to school gave me loads of time to understand the styles and colors that were being used. It was so far advanced from anything that was in the modern culture that it was no wonder that people didn’t understand it.

I now create graphics for the commercial world and am using the skills from that arena to create digital art.

Why not spray paint?

There is a digital world out there. There are lot of electronic screens, i want to be apart of that world. I want to use the skills that I have acquired to do something different graffiti to me is a style not an automatic choice of artistic medium.