3d graffiti – Blues wildstyle

A wildstyle design exploring color styles and prebuilt geometry. I wanted this graff design to have a compact feeling as i've been exploring very fluid designs lately they get so loose that you end up experimenting with how to balance them out rather than working on lettering.  This lettering is fairly simple but I wanted

3d graffiti – Engine

This style is going back to how I originally started Technica, by fusing graffiti with industrial design. It's an experimental design on how to balance the weight (visually) of the engine with a graffiti element - I found that you had to counter balance it to make it work.  I also took the concept of

3d graffiti – Organix futursim graffiti

Another futurism experiment with graffiti designs.  In this graff design I took all the bulk of the lettering out and left just the 'flow and the points where the heavy intersections were (the silver spheres).  I wanted this work to be almost sculptural as if the spheres where magnitic and floated around the base with

3d graffiti – Metric black and white

' Metric - was a new way to generate graffiti lettering.  It relies on keeping the angles locked at 30-40 degrees so that you have to create all the lettering from shapes that are created with that angle. I also have started exploring adding a top layer of geometry to the graff letters, allows you

Overclockers Australia 3d graffiti

OCAU - Overclockers Australia. Based on original logo. Two lines of balance in this work the angles that the o creates and the last part of the u twist to form a shape that could wrap around the Australia map. And obviously the diagonal line of the wires and the circle thing.. Very happy wtih

killerbits 3d graffiti

This is a fairly simple graffiti design but have given it the 3d treatment. The design of this one is to get the flow pointing into the center between the R and B, it seemed to work out nicely. Another aspect to this work was to work on creating a mood to the lettering by

prime 3d graffiti

Working on pushing a sharp style of 3d graffiti. Also getting my work to have a lot more dimension and curve, something that is pretty tricky in 3d. Started with only a few shapes in this design then built out (similar to 'Droid). I wanted to balance the two main shapes far left and far

Deadline 3d graffiti

So this one is again using a more complex style than my previous works.  It comes from a series that I have been working on trying to get a handle on wildstyle in 3d. The colors for this were based on the 'Technica design that I did as one of the first graffiti designs on