3d graffiti – Engine

This style is going back to how I originally started Technica, by fusing graffiti with industrial design. It's an experimental design on how to balance the weight (visually) of the engine with a graffiti element - I found that you had to counter balance it to make it work.  I also took the concept of

3d graffiti – Metric black and white

' Metric - was a new way to generate graffiti lettering.  It relies on keeping the angles locked at 30-40 degrees so that you have to create all the lettering from shapes that are created with that angle. I also have started exploring adding a top layer of geometry to the graff letters, allows you

3d animated graffiti Survive, Brisbane

This graffiti design ' Survive was an experiement I was working on a few months ago.  I wanted to break away from the graffiti designs that I was producing with just straight lettering and no real abstract design to them. The piece is essentially unbalanced so I added in the central element to try to

3d graffiti -sketch 100

View full resolution design So after 100 sketches I thought I would composite some of my favourite designs into the final 100th graffiti sketch. The whole idea for the 'sketches series started out as a way of freeing up my style by doing 100 very rough sketches that I would convert into 3d. This work