3d graffiti – street art Adu textures

I’ve been messing around a lot with textures lately and recently shot a heap tonne of old industrial machinery that were rusted out. ‘Adu originally started out as a flat colour 3d graffiti design trying to get a colour harmony over the whole graff piece which sometimes work and sometimes fails hard. The flat

3d graffiti – street art Zeus industrial

Zeus is based around a few industrial designs that I have worked on in the past – like ‘Surface II complex.  I’ve had this design kicking around for ages now, messing around with textures and sizes of the letters.  I originally had it more balanced with the letter Z at the front larger but

3d graffiti – street art Coffee Mug

I’ve been working on these designs for a few different versions now.   I wanted to create a really complex design for a relatively simple day to day object – a coffee mug. The idea was actually from looking at old pottery from China – the big vases that have really detailed hand painted prints

3d graffiti – street art Acacia

Acacia is another example of exploring textures and colour swatches.  I wouldn’t really say this is the best palette but the blue and orange seem to work well in graffiti designs.  I was aware of having this design animate so I made it pretty symmetrical as I knew I wanted it to bounce out

3d graffiti – street art Cluster

‘Cluster was a graffiti experiment trying to explore the idea of an ‘inside’ to the graffiti design.  It’s possible to make the graff have several layers or internal structures in 3d and I wanted to think about what the internal structures could look like. This is a relatively simple example of just adding a