Project Description

I started off this work with just a basic outline of a sketch with blocked out dimension of where I wanted the letters to be and in what direction they would be facing. I wanted to keep a compact shape to the lettering so that it appears to be one semi-joined object rather than separate lettering.

The inspiration for this work was of course robotic design. I have been researching a lot of mechanical and industrial design lately, I get a lot of idea for my graffiti work from these magazines and books.

I kept color right out of this work as it didn’t really need it as the shape and curves were enough. I am starting to use the old design technique of turning your image to black and white so that you can see shape and form and not be influenced by color. Most of the time I end up leaving my designs in BW or at least with a very sparing use of color.

I designed the bowls and the stems of the ‘R first as the letters of D R O I D are fairly similar I repeated the same style all throughout the rest of the lettering making minor tweaks to the lengths and angles to create the rest of the letters. As this is graffiti I wanted to take a bit of liberty with the ‘O in the design and turned it into a cube. I thought this would match the design as the rest was very angular the square seemed to be the best choice. Maybe could have had some cords and wired coming off the cube but could have been overkill. Maybe even could have turned it into a light that would illuminate the whole scene.

One of the biggest problems that I have with metallic designs is getting the lighting right. Controlling the reflections and at the same time keeping the light on the blacks is the same problem that people have when photographing metal in real life. I usually set up a whole lighting rig that involves bouncing the light sources off white objects it seems to give me the best results for controlling reflections.