Project Description

An interesting study into the intricate nature of wildstyle graffiti design as 3d geometry.  This is nowhere near as complex as I usually go but I wanted the lettering to be almost legible to the non graff writer.   It was designed to be broken into its ‘bits’ as I wanted this to animate together (view animation) as if the letters came from a different direction.  I am still yet to figure out a way to animate this as one long calligraphy style design as if you started at one end and did cursive writing.

I actually use the colors as a way to separate the elements when I am modelling this in 3d, in this instance I just left them in their original colors as it seemed to work.  Using groups and selections becomes very important when you get to more complex graffiti designs often looking at it in wireframe you can get completely lost.

Download graffiti wallpaper