Project Description

So this one is sketch 15 from the 73 sketches so far.  This one was sketched in the Melbourne (Australia) airport on a two hour delay waiting for a flight and is about trying to more of a flow to my work – something that is very hard in digital graffiti.

I also wanted to focus these sketches on getting balance to the graffiti.  Balance that is usually expressed as a sort of symmetry in the actual design or through the distribution of weight and counter weight in the work.

Specifically I was looking at the balance between the top 3 dots on the nose of the work and the white tail as 1 line of balance and the black arrow at the bottom and the top of the work as the other each off setting the other.

To keep this work interesting and new I am looking at aligning my work to various features in the landscape and to magnetic north as if to give it a context for it’s environment.  Ultimately I would like to start using GPS to measure Latitude and Longitude and maybe start aligning them using this system.

The animated part of this graffiti was created a long time ago as a part of a series that I did using anaglyph 3d renders.