Project Description

‘Pare – This is mixing a few different images for each of the textures – starting to find that one flat texture can get a bit generic so have started mixing.  The grunge textures seem to add a lot to recent designs, I got away from textures for a while but it was how Graffiti Technica started in the early days so I am getting back into it.

The flow to this graffiti piece seems to work, I would like to tighten up the centre letters a bit more to make them pinch in to give it a more of a punch.

I’ve also been thinking about how to introduce a more painterly effect to the textures and also to the outlines of the design.  Tricky to blur an edge in 3d without it taking forever to render and look a bit boring.

3d graffiti PARE 02
3d graffiti PARE 03