Project Description

Acacia is another example of exploring textures and colour swatches.  I wouldn’t really say this is the best palette but the blue and orange seem to work well in graffiti designs.  I was aware of having this design animate so I made it pretty symmetrical as I knew I wanted it to bounce out from the centre and have the two letter A’s be the bookends of the bounce.

The tracking for this design was in a lovely underground carpark that was pretty well lit.  The lights actually caused the render time to blow out to something stupid because on the multiple bounces that the one light was creating.  Also stupidly I put it too close to the wall so had to deal with the shadows on the back wall.  This was an interesting test for shadows in general, the light was so scattered that it produced a really washed out shadow, I ended up blurring it even more than the straight 3d render.

I would have liked to have integrated the green hue in the footage some more in this one, you can see that the wall is throwing off a green tint that I probably should have accounted for.