Project Description

Exploring the integration between human anatomy and graffiti design.

The systems and movement of the human body seem to work well as a starting point for designing biological graffiti. The animation of the graffiti is based around the IK of an arm so that bends and twists in a way to mirror the range and limits of the human body.  It was obvious when thinking about the motion to start to include muscle as a way of driving the system.  The muscle is the pull that moves the otherwise static graffiti system.

Once you start thinking about the graffiti design the same was you think about anatomy or the body you start to realise that the isolated system would need to have power (the heart) and would need to have veins to carry the fluids around the system.  It would need bones to carry the weight of the graffiti.  Also the fusion of biology and graffiti design would require a housing or case to prevent the system being corrupted by bacteria.

The movement range would be crude at first as the muscle would simply be triggered to ‘twitch’ causing a simple unfolding of the graffiti… With more muscles\tendons and an integration of an artificial intelligence system the co-ordination would be more advanced.