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3d Graffiti - AMD Phenom overclocking wallpaper

'Phenom - is the third work in the series for overclocking/hardware wallpapers.  This work is based around the AMD CPU series Pheonom (as in the word phenomenon).  A rather tricky starting point as there really is no branding or design around the CPU itself - rather plain font and just the blue light effect. So I decided to make the graffiti design stand out by using a very complex style.

Not really concerned with the legibility of the lettering with this one as there seems to be a balance between legibility, shape, color, and lettering. So with this one I pushed the shape and color at the expense of the other two. 

3d graffiti AMD phenom wallpaper
Download as HD 1920 x 1080 wallpaper

The graffiti shape itself is based on a cross pattern with the two main arrows wrapping from the back to the front which was hard to do as you can't obscure too much of the lettering else it just looks like a mess..  Originally I had intended to wedge the CPU in between the foot of the 'E and the left foot of the 'M  (where the 'O is) as I intentionally made the two apposing shapes create a matching negative space.

overclocking AMD phenom


Download wallpapers:
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3d graffiti technica  AMD phenom overclocking
Close up of chip

The colors - obviously limited to the palette of the logo and brand itself. Had to use more blue than I would have liked in this one  as too much bright green makes it look like an xbox logo.  I always try to stuff as much of elements from the source (in this case the amd logo) into my graffiti designs to try to make it match as close as possible to the style I am working with.  In this one I added the giant AMD green logo smack bang in the center - it works for two reasons.  One - it is rotated in 3d space in the opposite direction to the lettering. Two - its a big square which balances the mess of the curves in the design itself.



Prints now available on Society6


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