Parallels between walls and html:

For me growing up with the very first systems of the technology that we have today (as so many of the Gen Y people have) has fundamentally changed the nature of the way this generation relates and reacts to the world.  The cross over between the analog world and digital world happened in this generation and for most people it was a simple switch. Young people could see the benefits of technology and they adopted it faster than their parents and made it their own.

This push from younger people to adopt whatever is ‘the best and latest’ has always fueled things right into the main stream market and more importantly made things acceptable to society (though sometimes not a peaceful transition).

Graffiti in the modern society has already become a well established brand. People like Banksy have taken this style of art to the masses and the masses responded (big time).  However had this work remained isolated in the backstreet somewhere and the media not picked up on it – none of the hype would have occurred.  To put it plainly he needed the media spotlight to really take the work to another level.

This is where I think the web can play a huge part in the future of graffiti.  I am not really talking about static pictures or scans but when the next form of technology based graffiti system comes along  (who knows what it will be) the web is the perfect platform to launch it.