Graffiti as design – not paint

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – graffiti isn’t about paint! It’s a style.  You could make graffiti out of bread dough so long as you understand the concepts and visual language behind the style.

Wonder through any modern gallery of art and chances are you’ll be bored to tears – all the tools in world and we are really going backwards artistically.  I’ve been to so many exhibitions and left feeling like I have just been in a magic show where they’ve tricked everyone into thinking that what is on display is actually ‘art’.  I really have no more time for art galleries.

There is way more inspiration at street level or by someone who has stenciled something meaningful and thought provoking in a well trafficked area.   Someone using the crudest of tools and their own motivation has gone out and demanded your attention with a graphic they’ve crafted to illicit some response from you.  These artists don’t have the luxury of an information panel explaining all the hidden meaning behind their work it simply has to stand on its own and be functional or beautiful.