Echoes of graffiti in modern culture.

To my eyes there are so many examples in modern culture and particularly in modern advertising where corporations have borrowed styles from the subculture of graffiti. From fashion to modern art, games, tv commercials even corporate imagery and logos now are using the iconographic style of tagging.

As someone who has designed logos and corporate imagery before I would have loved to have been in the meetings for this design. Cutting the top of the word and using a script based font – my hat goes of to them. I personally think this is a really nice graphic.

Not only does quicksilver understand their markets visual sense (imho) but also understand the demographics interest in the rise of online video – dynamite surfing. This brand elegantly use the “counter culture” style that appeals to the youth market. It’s a funny twist that counter culture is now almost mainstream.

Sony stepped into this arena to market the PSP paying artists and building owners to use their skills and space to create graffiti styled works for the PSP Wired (2005 article). I like the phrase “Advertising directed at your counter-culture” from this article. What this says to me is that people can tell the difference between corporate backed vs artists expression – and they don’t like it in their streets. Marketing to this demographic must be increasingly difficult with their visual and technical language so advanced by modern technology it seems not wonder that so much of todays marketing is getting bolder and louder and drawing on styles that were grounded in being visually loud. The whole purpose of making a mark (graffiti or otherwise) is to draw the eye towards it.