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3d Graffiti - Razer wallpaper

I have wanted to do this one for a long time now. As I am a big fan of Razer.

3d graffiti Evga overclocking wallpaper

I have 3 of Razer's mice, mainly because I have a thing for fast and accurate input devices and I usually work on computers with big resolutions (and err I have been known to game). With this design I wanted to keep as close as I could to the actual branding - so glowing greens and heavy blacks. I am fairly happy with the way this turned out, I would have liked to have made this design more hardcore somehow, as most of the people that own these mice aren't messing around. But I am sure I will come back to this design in the future and make something a lot heavier and evil.


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3d graffiti Evga overclocking wallpaper 02
Close up of R and texture -

I used a glowing inner core to this design, it is actually casting it's own light which is similar to the logo on the back of the mice themselves.



Prints now available on Society6


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