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3d Graffiti - Gigabyte wallpaper

So this wallpaper is based on the company Gigabyte. They have some very definite styles to their branding so it makes it so much easier to design with.

3d graffiti Evga overclocking wallpaper

I don't usually like working with words over about 5 letters as graffiti design makes it look complex enough but when you have a long word it takes a lot of time to get it looking balanced. With this one I tried a few different lettering styles but in the end went with a fairly simple style but made sure the work had a certain flow to it. I wanted this design to be more graphic art than 3d graffiti as gigabyte branding uses a lot of gradients and vectors.

The color scheme is based on some of their motherboard color designs. The board itself is actually a deep blue - almost like car paint. I also got the idea of the pipe cooling from one of their board designs. They have some really metallic shiny cooling pipes which look really cool. I also wanted this design to stand out at the higher resolutions so I've added a bump map on the lettering itself of the motherboard. This does a few things - breaks up the gradient, adds some secondary reflections and gives the work more of a mechanical feel.


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3d graffiti Evga overclocking wallpaper 02
Close up of 'A and texture

Tried a new technique of adding a light source to the inner core of this design. The texture is actually a series of blue LED lights. I thought it would match the Gigabyte style perfectly.



Prints now available on Society6


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