3d animated graffiti tracked into video.

3d graffiti video – sketch 52 southbank brisbane

Quick animated graffiti design that I tracked into the now ABC studios site at South Brisbane this was the industrial worksite before it was finished. Sketch 52 was about exploring unbalanced graffiti design - I was trying to make it almost like a crab with a giant claw.  This was rigged and animated with IK

3d graffiti video – sketch 30

Another experimental 3d graffiti sketch.  This video is also at Portside, Brisbane on what is to be developed apartment blocks. I am really pushing what I can do with a graffiti design here - exploring how it would be possible to flip the lettering and make it fold back on itself.  This almost looks like

3d graffiti video – Sketch 63 Brisbane

Sketch 63 was a test graffiti piece shot in a carpark in Brisbane. The only goal of this was about exploring how to shoot video for tracking graffiti into.  I have it almost down to a fine art now. This is also a colour test exploring how far you can go with multiple colours in

3d graffiti video – Sketch 62 Brisbane

Virtual graffiti under the Story Bridge, Brisbane… I’ve animated sketch 62 before with a very complex rig. Exploring a few things in this design mainly complex graffiti against a complex background. You really need strong foreground colours to make it stand out or even something animating on it else it becomes background noise.

3d graffiti video – 60 Brisbane City

Another early colour test near the Brisbane Story Bridge. One of the first tests that I did with putting a design into a real world environment. Looking back on this it doesn’t really fit into the environment, which works in some cases but not others. You’d expect this to be a different colour not so

3d graffiti video – Industrial sketch 43

Sketch 43 was an early animation test on how to reveal a graffiti design on an old work site. It was interesting going about the research for this type of work as it doesn’t exist!  I researched how other people might have made graffiti animate but (at the time) there was nothing. Ended up thinking