3d animated graffiti tracked into video.

3d animated graffiti Survive, Brisbane

This graffiti design ' Survive was an experiement I was working on a few months ago.  I wanted to break away from the graffiti designs that I was producing with just straight lettering and no real abstract design to them. The piece is essentially unbalanced so I added in the central element to try to

3d graffiti video – bar tracking

' Bar was another interestesting experiment using a new technique to generate the graff.  The vision is the Old Red Hill Roller Rink. It's based on building one main shape for the letter than bulking out the rest of the lettering arount that one form.  It is the same as using heavier pen weights in

3d graffiti video – Part D

Part D - was shot at Jamie's Espresso Bar, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. I was actually inspired by the blue graffiti design on the wall behind this design.  This is using the reveal technique that I have used a few times to make the graffiti design come from nothing to fully formed. Used for a design

3d graffiti video – ‘ outpost 2013

This was originally for the cancelled Sydney Outpost festival 2013 The whole event was such a good idea - bringing street artist from all over Australia to showcase the huge talent in one iconic place.  I travelled interstate (probably like many) to see this, and I am glad that I did..it was to be the

3d graffiti video – ‘sata

For ' Sata I used textures from the old sheds on Cockatoo Island.  The island had an industrial heritage with ship building on it at one stage in the past so I used the heavy industry feel in the work.  I wanted to animate this and make it move around - the lights on it's

3d graffiti video – ‘hybrid

A work for the street art festival Outpost 2013 - I walked around most of Cockatoo Island while I was there to get as much video reference as I could.  The whole Island is perfect for this type of work as it's an abandoned ship building site.  The event was curated by John Wiltshire and

3d graffiti video – sketch 15

So this one is sketch 15 from the 73 sketches so far.  This one was sketched in the Melbourne (Australia) airport on a two hour delay waiting for a flight and is about trying to more of a flow to my work - something that is very hard in digital graffiti. I also wanted to

3d graffiti video – animated graffiti sketch 68 Brisbane

3d animated graffiti sketch 68 Brisbane portside using motion capture software to animate Ended up being a very complex piece.  Messing around with rigging a graffiti design can take so long - it's so intricate that it's hard to make it move as if it were a machine.  I've developed a few techniques over the